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 Tips For Caregivers

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PostSubject: Tips For Caregivers   Fri Dec 06, 2013 11:34 pm

Prior to going on any scheduled interviews set up through this agency. Please understand there is zero tolerance for breaking any of these rules set forth by Nanny’s For Granny’s. If you feel you cannot live up to these standards please ask to have your name removed from our mailing list and do not respond to any of our job posts.

No Smoking while on duty. Most seniors cannot tolerate the smell of cigarette smoke, so please respect their wishes. NO SMOKING WHILE ON DUTY!! Failure to comply will result in immediate dismissal.
No Cell phone use, all phones must be turned off upon entering the clients home or facility

No Personal Computers

No Pets

No Boyfriends, girlfriends, children, friends etc.

No Drugs or Alcohol

No Provocative or inappropriate clothing, please dress professional.

No Pajama pants, No sweat pants, No shorts, no low cut blouses etc.

Lateness or Failure to show to job without reasonable or No notice will not be tolerated nor will a second chance be given. In the age of cell phone reliability, there is no reason for not making a simple phone call advising us (The Agency) of the situation. If we don’t answer leave a message.

If by chance I happen to have not mentioned something, please use your best judgement. You are being hired to take care of someone who cannot. Do it to the best of your ability, you are representing us as well as being judged by your client. We don’t like negative comments about our caregivers.
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PostSubject: Re: Tips For Caregivers   Sat Dec 07, 2013 1:03 am

good post
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PostSubject: Re: Tips For Caregivers   Sun Dec 08, 2013 11:40 pm

very good tips.
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PostSubject: Re: Tips For Caregivers   Tue Dec 31, 2013 11:45 pm

good post.
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PostSubject: Re: Tips For Caregivers   

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Tips For Caregivers
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